Home Energy Evaluations Save You Money, Provide You Comfort and Home Safety.
Home Evaluation Services utilizes the latest technologies when providing residential home inspections, commercial inspections, energy audits, energy ratings, and building diagnostics.  Who wouldn’t want to know as much as possible about their new or current home. I am an independent and provide you with an unbiased opinion about a homes current condition. 

​My professional reports provide you with the answers to your questions. My reports average over 30 pages and include professional diagrams and digital photos to help you understand everything about your home. 

Additional services for home inspections are also provided including well water testing, septic tests and radon testing.

Energy audits utilize several technologies including thermal imaging, blower door, duct blaster, and licensed energy software, to provide you with a ‘to do list’ of energy improvement options.  Retrofit fit options are ranked in a quickest payback to slowest payback order to help you maximize your conservation measures.

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Why Should You Consider Radon Testing ?
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The United Nation's World Health Organization (WHO) says that radon is a worldwide health risk in homes."Most radon-induced lung cancers occur from low and medium dose exposures in people's homes. Radon is the second most important cause of lung cancer after smoking in many countries.
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